The Harnkegger Games are over.... But wait! There's more!

We had seven fantastic days of Harnkegger Games and we could not have done it without the awesome community on Laurelin, the stewards, hosts and officials of the three hosting kinships, our friends from other servers and the aid of Lotro's Community Manager Cordovan. 

Not only were these games the biggest and best attented so far, they were also - without a doubt - the best yet.

And even though the games themselves are over... we still have a dragon's hoard of prizes to hand out, not to mention the two champion titles. 

So we hope to see you all on September 17th at 3PM at the Drunken Dwarrow Inn, 4 Myrtle Court, Burrbridge (Shire Homesteads) where we'll be handing out some more prizes, announcing some more best-of winners and just generaly have a great time.


Award Ceremony Feast - September 17th 3PM

Everyone can win prizes at the Harnkegger Games Award Ceremony Feast!

From lootboxes, to sturdy steel keys, tomes and plenty more!

Don't miss it! 

See you on September 17th at 3pm Servertime

at 4 Myrtle Court, Burrbridge (Shire Homesteads)

More details HERE

The Events of Harnkegger V