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The Aleford Band will perform the Opening and Closing Ceremony at this years Harnkegger Games!

Harnkegger V Schedule, Prizes and Rules Announced!

Hail and well met!

As the end of summer comes within reach, the Dwarves of Durin’s Folk and The Blue Mountains Regiment and Hobbits of the Shire Angling Club will once again host the Harnkegger Games - This year again a full week of Games, running from Monday 5th of September till Sunday 11th of September. 

Known for its various gaming contests, general merriment and consumption of rather large amounts of ale, this festival of Dwarvish origin, is often nicknamed the Deep Ale Fest (*7). As ever the fest and games will be opened to all, be it dwarves, hobbits, men or yes… even elves.

This year the Games will again host 15 full-scale events spread over 7 days… and the largest hoard of prizes ever seen in Middle-Earth! 

Our grand benefactor of the Harnkegger (*8 ) Games is once again master T.Urbine, who has donated thousands upon thousands of Tasty Pies [(13.000 TP IN TOTAL! (*5)] to be given to the medal winners. On top of these extremely generous prizes the Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) will also ensure additional exclusive gifts and gold coins.

Overview of the Schedule Activities:

Day 1 - Monday Sept 5th (Starts at 2PM ST) Thorin's Hall
Opening Concert (2PM ST)
Opening Ceremony (2:55PM ST)
1) Harnkegger Race (3:15 ST)
2) Spike Jump (after Harnkegger Race)

Day 2 - Tuesday Sept 6th (Starts at 2:30PM ST) Gondamon
3) Cross Country Run (2:30PM ST)
4) Fire Jump Run (after Cross Country Run)

Day 3 - Wednesday Sept 7th (Starts at 3PM ST) Thorin's Hall
5) Broken Bone Race (Starts at 3PM ST)
6) Fishing Competition Needlehole (after Broken Bone Race)

Day 4 - Thursday Sept 8th (Starts at 2:30PM ST) Gondamon
7) Relay Race (Starts at 2:30PM ST)
8) Sparring (after Relay Run)
Day 5 - Friday Sept 9th (Starts at 3PM ST) Gondamon
9) Gallop-a-run (Starts at 3PM ST)
10) Swim-a-run  (after Gallop-a-run)
11) Lune Swim (after Swim-a-run)

Day 6 - Saturday Sept 10th (Starts at 3PM ST) Michel Delving, The Shire
12) Drunken Merchant Run (Starts at 3PM ST)
13) Music Content - Methel Stage (after Drunken Merchant Run)

Day 7 - Sunday Sept 11th (Starts at 2PM ST) Staddle
14) Fence Run in Staddle (Starts at 2PM ST)
15) Poetry Contest in Bree (after Fence Run)
- Closing Ceremony in Bree




(*5) = In total more Turbine points will be handed out, as the HGC has received Turbine Points from donators, making the total TP to be handed out 14.550.

(*7) = Inspiration for this feast in the Blue Mountains can be found in lore: “It came to pass that at the midsummer the Dwarves, as was their custom, bade Eöl to a feast in Nogrod…” [The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Ch 16, Of Maeglin]. This year again we’ve changed the timing (making it the end of summer instead of midsummer due to various reasons).

(*8 ) = The name “Harnkegger” is the name given originally by non-dwarves to both “Deep Ale Fest” and the winner of the games. The name finds its origin in the words “Harn” (brains) and “Kegger” (“brewer / he who fills the kegs with ale”), and is a reference to both the smarts required to win in these games, as to the drinking of enormous amounts of ale between festival days.



30th JULY 2016

To the delight of the Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) and all the volunteers helping out prepping for Harnkegger V we can confirm that Turbine has provided 13.000 Turbine Points for the upcoming Harnkegger Games. 

Furthermore the HGC confirms that this years' games will have over 2000 in game gold as prize money in addition to plenty of in game prizes (Sturdy Steel Keys, Lootboxes and other rare prizes) thanks to the generous donations of the LotRO Community!