Harnkegger VII is here!

The Games will once again be

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The Harnkegger Games VII is HERE!

The Harnkegger Games is back on Laurelin for its seventh year running!

Once again we treat the adventurers of Middle-Earth to a week full of exciting games, with a stunning 13.000 Lotro Points* and 3500 in-game gold up for grabs! Thanks to the generosity of the Laurelin Player Community, the members of Durin's Folk, The Shire Angling Club, The Blue Mountains regiment and the good people at Standing Stone Games

*Which could be more depending on Harnkegger Records Broken! (This year record breakers can once again earn 100 Lotro Points!)

This year the Harnkegger Games will be held from September 24th till September 30th. 

Monday September 24th 2018:
*) Opening Concert 2:00PM - Thorin's Halls
*) Opening Ceremony 2:35PM - Thorin's Halls
1) The Harnkegger Race 2:45PM - Thorin's Halls
2) The Spike Jump 3:15PM - Thorin's Halls

Tuesday September 25th 2018:
3) Cross Country Run 2:30PM - Gondamon
4) Fire Run Jump 3:00PM - Thorin's Halls

Wednesday September 26th 2018:
5) Brandywine Long Swim 3:00PM -Brandywine Bridge
6) The Fishing Competition 3:30PM - The Marish

Thursday September 27th 2018:
7) The Relay Run 2:30PM - Gondamon
8) The Sparring Tournament 3:00 - Gondamon

Friday September 28th 2018:
9) The Shire Drunken Merchant Race 2:30PM - Michel Delving (Mathom House)
10) The Swim Sprint 3:15PM - Bucklebury Ferry (Breeland side)

Saturday September 29th 2018:
11) The Broken Bone Race 2:30PM - Thorin's Halls
12) The Walk 3:00PM - The Delving Fields
13) Poetry & Story Contest 3:30PM - Hobbiton (Ivy Bush Inn)

Sunday September 30th 2018:
14) Fence Run 2:00PM - Staddle
15) Music Event 3:15PM - Breeland Festival Ground Stage (Registered Entries Only)
*) Harnkegger Games Award Ceremony 4:00PM
*) Harnkegger Closing Concert 4:15PM

Notes: All times mentioned in this post are on SERVER TIME of the LAURELIN Server (which is Boston Time - Eastern US TIME) - Meaning that 3PM ST, would equal 8PM UK Time and 9PM Central European Time.





Videos posted filmed by and courtesy of GM Cordovan of SSG.

HK7 - The Opening Ceremony

September 24th 2018

HK7 - The Harnkegger Race

September 24th

HK7 - The Spike Jump

HK7 - The Brandywine Long Swim

HK7 - The Fishing Event

HK7 - The Relay Race

HK7 - The Sparring Event

HK7 - The Shire Drunken Merchant Race

HK7 - The Swim Sprint