Rules of Registration - Online Registration


Please follow the instructions of official Harnkegger hosts and stewards during any Harnkegger event closely to ensure you get registered for the event. 

The Harnkegger Games are open to all Lotro's Players of all levels

Though all events are suited for low levelled characters, the Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) recommends your character be at least lvl 10 for the majority of the events hosted, so no need to level up quickly prior to the Games.

We ask all competitors to keep in mind that the vast majority of events have registration rules and timelines, meaning you MUST register with a specific host or steward (as mentioned in the game rules announcement) PRIOR to a specific time. If a competitor fails to do so the HGC is unable to allow the competitor to compete.  

Only for the Music contest is pre-registration ONLINE possible, yet NOT mandatory. This means that if you have registered ONLINE prior to September 20th 2018 your chances of entering in these events will likely be increased. 

EVENTS with pre-registration possibility: 



Music Contest (Sunday 30th of September) - Max 12 performers/bands

For details and rules about the Music Event please check HERE

Other events do NOT have online registration, yet can have a maximum competitor number.

So, please ensure you have a character on the Laurelin server, see to register via the links above (registration opens September 5th and closes September 20th) and come to the events at the announced date and time (see "The Games").

The HGC asks all competitors to take into account that though an online registration increases your chances to compete at the events, it does NOT guarantee you a spot at the event. This is due to that fact that many events have a maximum number of competitors and the number of registration may exceed that number.  Competitors will be allowed to enter the event based on a) Online Registration b) Timely Presence c) Available Competitor Spots d) Previous Competitor Conduct.

By registering online for the events you understand the above and agree to the fact that the HGC will do their utmost to allow as many competitors as possible to compete for the events (taking limits into account), in a fair process and impartial manner, at the full discretion of the HGC.  Competitors that have received a conduct warning during previous events or have been banned during earlier games may lose their competitor spot in other events, at the discretion of the HGC.