The Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) is chaired by Kandral Strongbeard, Lord of the kinship of Durin's Folk (on the Laurelin Server).

Further members of the Games committee include members of the kinship of Durin's Folk, Shire Angling Club and The Blue Mountains Regiment (the three kinships that host the Harnkegger Games VII).

Current Members of The Harnkegger Games Committee are: Alhvar, Byl, Gildoin, Glorieskh, Fredskald, Kandral, Omali, Ponso, Thorlaen, Hruird and Hosgrim.



The HGC's role is:

  • To encourage and support the promotion of games, merriment and the spirit of fair play.
  • To ensure the regular celebrations (through music, ale and food) at the Harnkegger Games;
  • To promote peace and merriment among all kindred of Middle Earth;
  • To act against any form of discrimination affecting the Harnkegger Games;
  • To encourage and support the principle of total equality of all competitors, regardless of gender, age, nation or race.
  • To ensure the fairness of the Harnkegger games and act strongly against any form of cheating.
  • To ensure all winners of the Games receive their rewards as granted during the games.
  • To oppose any political or commercial abuse of the Harnkegger Games by competitors or others;
  • To promote, via the annual Harnkegger Games, a positive, uplifting and inspiring image of player-run gaming events in LotRO.



Merriment, Brotherhood, Fair-Play and Honour. 

The core values of the Harnkegger Games are:

Merriment: The Harnkegger Games are but once a year and we, from hosts to onlookers, should aim to provide a state of unmatched exuberance throughout the Games to hosts, stewards, competitors, supporters and onlookers alike.

Brotherhood: We respect all kindreds, clans, races, nations and genders alike in the spirit of brotherhood. For the period of the Harnkegger Games ALL are brothers.

Fair-Play: Good behaviour, leading by example and following the rules are not mere guidelines but are core principles of the Harnkegger Games. 

Honour: It is a privilege to be allowed to be part of the Harnkegger Games, not a right. As such we expect all hosts, stewards, competitors, supporters and onlookers alike to conduct themselves with honour toward all, at all times.

The Harnkegger Games code of good behaviour, fair-play and sportsmanlike conduct.


All involved in the Harnkegger Games must show respect for the core values the Harnkegger Games, being Merriment, Brotherhood, Fair-Play and Honour .


  1. At all times show respect to everyone, be they competitor, supporter or official.
  2. At all times reject discrimination of any kind on whatever grounds.
  3. At all times reject all forms of harassment.
  4. Officials will at all times, act with the highest degree of integrity, and particularly when taking decisions, they must act with impartiality, objectivity, independence and professionalism.  They must refrain from any act involving fraud or corruption. They must not act in a manner likely to tarnish the reputation of the Harnkegger Games.
  5. At all times commit to combat all forms of cheating and continue to undertake all the necessary measures to ensure the integrity of the Harnkegger competitions.
  6. Participants in the Harnkegger Games must not, by any manner whatsoever, manipulate the course or result of a competition, or any part thereof, in a manner contrary to sporting ethics, infringe the principle of fair play or show unsporting conduct.
  7. Any party, be they competitor or official shall inform the Harnkegger Games Chairman (Kandral) or available Host/Judge/Steward in the strictest confidentiality via IM (private tell), of any information related to a violation of any of the above listed guidelines.  Any disclosure of information must not be for personal gain or benefit, nor be undertaken maliciously to damage the reputation of any person or kinship.
  8. Any breach of the above code can lead to an official warning and/or a ban from the event or the entire Harnkegger Games, at the discretion of the officials.