The Harnkegger Games Committee will announce any official announcements, or possible updates or changes to the previously announced events or schedules, here - In addition (only during the games themselves) to any end of day round-ups.


Event times for Day 7 Slightly Updated


[September 23rd 2018]

The Harnkegger Games Committee has updated the event time of the Music Event for day seven of the games to 3:15 PM (initially 3:00PM) and subsequently updated the times for the award ceremony and closing concert (that follow the music event) as well.

Reason for this is merely to reflect the actual timing better, as we've seen in previous years that the Fence Run (that preceeds the music event) usually takes 75 minutes (instead of the scheduled 60).



Games Committee increases Prize Pool to 3500 gold coins!


[September 23rd 2018]

On the eve of the Harnkegger Games the Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) has officially increased the gold coin prize-money tally to 3500 (from 2500) thanks to the generous donations of the LoTRO community.

It has been decided that the additional 1000 in-game gold will been split among the two main winner titles of the games (Harnkegger Champion and Fair Play Hero), who will now be winning 750 and 600 in game gold respectively.  The HGC wishes to thank all for their generous contributions and looks forward to handing out the various prizes to the winners of the Harnkegger Games VII.



Music Event Harnkegger VII Registration Now Open


[September 5th 2018]

The Harnkegger Games Committee officially declares the registration period for music bands and solo artists open for the Harnkegger Games VII.

The registration period will run from today, September 5th till September 20th (incl.).

If you wish to register your band or as a solo performer, please follow the registration link HERE




News from Previous Harnkegger Years

Harnkegger Games VI Round-Up Day 7:

Elves claim the Harnkegger Nations Trophy

There was a time in Harnkegger history when few doubted that, in annual tradition, Elves would come in last for the Nations Trophy. Well, that time is no more Harnkegger friends! As the Elves have for the first ever claimed the title of Harnkegger Nation, doing so with a comfortable margin.

The last day of Harnkegger Games VI also saw two members of the kinship "Syndicate of the Silent Tower" claim the coveted Harnkegger Champion (Rhongar) and Harnkegger Fair-Play Hero (Wim) titles.

Well earned indeed! We hope all had great fun (we sure did!) and hope to see you all back for Harnkegger VII in 2018!


Harnkegger Games VI Round-Up Day 6:

Dwarves Make a Come-Back, But Will it be Enough?

Day 6 saw the Dwarves take four out of six medals on offer, an impressive display to say the least. A display that was well needed, seeing the lead of the Elves was easily as impressive. 

The last day of the Harnkegger Games approaches and with only seven points separating the third and first placed Nation and plenty of points still up for grabs on the final day, it is anyone's guess who will claim the coveted Harnkegger Nations Trophy.


Harnkegger Games VI Round-Up Day 5:

Elves and Hobbits divide the Medal Hoard

When there are nine medals to be won and Hobbits and Elves win eight of them, it surely won't surprise anyone to hear that at the end of the day they left the other Nations far behind in the leader-board. 

With twenty-eight points, and eight points ahead of the other Nations, Elves have made a serious bid for the final Nations Trophy glory. 

Yet things are still possible for the Hobbits and Dwarves provided they start winning gold medals in the last two days. For the Race of Men, who are still on nine points, winning the Nations Trophy seems like a near impossible task now.


17/09/2017: After reviewing the data ((video footage)) of this year's Bridge Sprint several times we are unfortunately forced to strip Brelania of her gold medal for using a racial trait speed buff ("Grace of the Firstborn", which provides +10% Out of Combat Run Speed), forbidden in the rules. 

It is clear from the footage that (intentionally or by accident) this unindicated buff is active on her character, seeing she is clearly and quickly passing the other competitors while running the race, which would not be possible without this speed buff. 

Hence, as a result, Brelania will lose her gold medal and the points earned for her nation and kinship in this event. 

As it cannot be determined if this buff was activate intentionally the Harnkegger Games Officials have not imposed a ban, hence she may still compete in other future events, if she wishes to do so.

Medal standings have been updated to reflect this change.
The Harnkegger Games Committee wish to extend their apologies to those competitors that were impacted by this disqualification. Furthermore, all medal winners have been personally informed and prizes sent to reflect this event standing:
  • Bronze) Berthedir - Race of Man (Fëanáro Nossëo)
  • Silver) Drucilia - Elf (Syndicate of the Silent Tower)
  • Gold) Sappia - Hobbit (The Merry Bunch) - 11 seconds 98 hundredths

Harnkegger Games VI Round-Up Day 4:

Many Firsts for the Firstborn

When the Sparring Tournament is on the schedule together with the Relay Race you know that medals and points will be plenty. None were disappointed as the competitors and audience alike were spoiled by a stunning display of sparring excellence and a record breaking Relay Run (set all the way back in Harnkegger I). The big victor of the day, grabbing no less than 12 points, were the Elves, who not only had a hand in the record breaking Relay Run, but for the first time ever, in Harnkegger history, topped the Nations leaderboard.

With a new Nation topping the leaderboard every day and the Nations only having a few points between them, it is anyone's guess who will emerge as the Harnkegger Nation this year.

Harnkegger Games VI Round-Up Day 3:

Bare Feet Perform Rare Feats

Day 3 took us to the Shire where - as many expected - Hobbits ruled supreme. There was some agitation before the start of the event, as the race of Hobbits was still without points. But that soon changed when they grabbed the gold in both events, in addition to the bronze medal at the Brandywine Long Swim event.

Though Dwarves still lead with 11 points, Hobbits now come charging into second place with 7 points. Elves hold third place with 7 points as well (and fewer gold medals than the Hobbits), while Men are yet to pick up a medal since day one and close the ranking with 5 points.


Harnkegger Games VI Round-Up Day 2:

Dwarves Leave No Doubt About Their Strength

Day 2 of the Harnkegger Games brought us the strength of Dwarves, few will have had doubts about that after they snapped up 4 out of 6 medals up for grabs on the day. Apart from taking the Gold in the Cross Country Run, they also brought home Bronze, Silver and Gold in the Fire Run Jump. As a result, Dwarves top the Nations leaderboard with 9 points, while the Race of Men have 5 and Elves 4.

The Hobbits are yet to pick up any medal at these games, but, as the events of day 3 take us to the Shire, no doubt our perian friends will be eager to set that right.


13/09/2017 - The Harnkegger Games committee has noticed that for the Brandywine Long Swim and Swim Sprint events jumping onto the pier at the Bucklebury Ferry side is not possible for elves and men, hence the rules were adapted to suit these races, hence once the Shire side Bucklebury Ferry platform is reached the competitors must now TOUCH (with hand or head) the edge of the pier (swim into the pier), the first swimmer to do so wins.  This is also means that the competitors are only allowed to jump at one time during the race, which is when they jump off the bridge into the water.


Harnkegger Games VI Round-Up Day 1:

Race of Men Take the Lead After Day 1

In what was a nail-bitingly exciting Spike Jump Event that ended in a "sudden death jump-off" for the Gold, the Race of Men took the lead with 4 points, followed by the Elves with 2 points. Though the Dwarves and Hobbits are still without points after Day 1, hopes are high among these nations that Day 2 will turn their fortunes in the Cross Country Run and Fire Jump Run Events - events where Hobbits and Dwarves have in the past earned 11 out of 12 medals.

In other news... the finalists for the Music Event are now known! These six finalists, who will perform on Sunday 17th for the coveted Gold medal, are... Lindamar, The White Flames, Lanterns of Nimrodeliant, Edwell, Pie Shop Hobbits and The Redstable Revellers.




12/09/2017: The Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) has corrected a minor mistake on the site for the points alloted for a 6 second injury during the Spike Jump. This is 6 points, instead of 5. Any announcements mentioning 5 five points during the event were incorrect, the final standing however was not influenced by this, where the scores were reflected correctly using the 6 points for a 6 second injury.





04/09/2017: Online Registration for the Semi Final Music Event have been officially closed.  8 bands/solo artists have registered, leaving 4 spots open for performers that wish to join on the day still. Details will be given by the main judge on the day of the Semi Final on September 11th. 





08/09/2016: Please make sure to update your lotro game client after the patch releases on September 9th (scheduled form 8am to 1pm servertime), so you can make it to the games in time. 




02/09/2016: Please note that due to the Farmers Faire activities in Bywater the event stage for the Music Contest on September 10th has been moved to the Ivy Bush Inn.




19/08/2016: The registration for Harnkegger Games V, for 7 events (Fire Run Jump, Sparring Contest, Poetry and Song Contest, Fishing Contest, Music Contest, Spike Jump and Fence Run) is now open! Be quick to register before the spots fill up!



19/04/2016 : The Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) is expanding to cover even better games with members from The Blue Mountains Regiment joining the HGC. Welcome! We are currently prepping for new exciting games. Stay tuned!



31/08/2015: The Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) would like to remind all prize winners of events that, in the unlikely event your prize code fails to redeem, you are asked to contact Kandral ((Laurelin)) as soon as possible via in-game letter. The HGC will do everything in its power to ensure all granted codes are redeemable. If, after verifying with Turbine the code is indeed unredeemable (and has not been redeemed yet by the winner), the HGC will see to get a replacement code from Turbine as soon as possible.



1/09/2015:  The Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) would like to remind all competitors that the rules of the Games can be found in detail on this website. If any competitor has grievances with any of the rules of the events they are asked to inform the hosts of the event (the character announcing the rules in "say") PRIOR to the event start (via IM).  In addition, any grievances with or complaints against other competitors, hosts or judges is to be made PRIOR to the announcement of the winners of the event to the event host (via IM). The HGC reserves the right to ignore, refuse or act upon such grievances or complaints at their full discretion.

Though the HGC is has no doubt the vast majority of the competitors have fair play in mind, we have stewards in place for all events and monitor any attempts at cheating very closely.



2/09/2015: The Harnkegger Games Committee (HGC) would like to remind all competitors that the core values of the games are Merriment, Brotherhood, Fair-Play and Honour. Any competitor that does not agree with or support these values are asked NOT to compete in the games. 

At times, though utterly undesirable, an oversight can occur at the Harnkegger Games. In such unlikely and rare events the HGC will do its utmost to rectify the oversight, yet at times it may not be possible to please all involved. 

We ask all competitors to also keep in mind that the vast majority of events have registration rules and timelines, meaning you MUST register with a specific host or steward (as mentioned in the game rules announcement at the event in question) PRIOR to a specific time. If a competitor fails to do so, the HGC is unable to allow the competitor to compete. In such events we ask the competitor for understanding and hope they show honour by accepting this gracefully.

The HGC understands that losing an event or match in the Harnkegger Games is never an enjoyable moment, yet we strongly ask all to remain honourable in their loss and accept the rules of the events at all times. Not only do you do dishonour to yourself, your kinship or your nation by behaving in an unsportsmanlike fashion, you dishonour the people that invest their time and effort into making these annual games a success for all involved.